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Our team is available to help tenants and owners identify and align strategic business, operational and financial objectives with your real estate requirements.

Titus’ Services Include:

  • Leasing: Helping businesses find desired space to lease by researching and knowing the market and presenting all potential fits in the area of choice. Further, we help negotiate lease terms and conditions.
  • Building Purchase/Investment: Helping owners acquire buildings for owner-occupant or investment purposes. By determining end results which focus on properties that meet the needs both financially and functionally.
  • Build-to-Suit Planning: Helping owners understand all aspects of building a new building. Determining an estimated end result with an analysis showing approximate monthly costs, down payment, tax benefits and profitability. Collaborating with a team of professionals; builder, architect, engineer, leasing and any other experts that suit the project, to bring the project successfully across the finish line.
  • Land Development: Similar to Build-to-Suit Planning with an added layer of highest and best use analysis, whereby utilizing an engineering team to show proposed layouts to divide a site appropriately between uses.

Every transaction has many aspects, but with years of experience and a great collaboration team we can navigate you through the process and bring success.

Titus’ services are distinguished by our strategic problem-solving abilities and in-depth knowledge of local markets.

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